API technology helps optimize your business delivery operations

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Barbara Alvarado
Barbara Alvarado
The OS is the most advanced, truly agnostic system, Smart Locker software solution in the market.

In today’s world, failed delivery attempts should be a thing of the past. API technology and new delivery alternatives have been created to ensure packages arrive at their right destination and, more importantly, without delays and inefficiencies.

Now let’s jump into some basic definitions for those unfamiliar with the term.

How does API technology work?

API technology is a software intermediary that works as a middleman allowing two applications to talk to each other seamlessly.

This technology is very versatile and can be used on web-based systems, operating systems, database systems, and computer hardware. 

Thanks to its versatility, it applies to industries scaling up the communication between businesses. Since we are talking about delivery optimization in this article, API technology enhances communication between retailers, e-commerce, and couriers.

API technology
API technology in e-commerce

API technology and data 

As our dependence on home delivery rises, retailers, e-commerce, and carrier companies are working hard to reduce inefficiencies in the last mile.

Where to begin when trying to optimize delivery operations? The key to better last-mile delivery is giving retailers and carriers more and better information. 

With “more and better information,” we don’t (exclusively) refer to the full address delivery information. The full address info provided by the customer, in fact, represents the most crucial bit of information, as missing or wrong data input from shoppers/customers is the leading cause of delivery failures which consequently implies extra costs to businesses.

However, even when the address is fully detailed and provided, deliveries can face delays, often lengthy ones, frustrating and annoying customers, and increasing the chances of losing brand loyalty. 

With “more and better information,” we also refer to the proper use of technology to gather key data points such as the best delivery times, people’s availability for pick up, best routes to avoid congestion, etc. 

Open data is the critical component of delivery optimization. It allows constant track and trace of parcels, communication through an online cloud platform, and live notification of the delivery process, eradicating all operation inefficiencies. 

Acknowledging data like these can help businesses optimize operations by delivering smartly at the right time, with the suitable routes, exchanging communication with all parties involved, and consequently cutting unnecessary costs. 

API technology APP mock-up – Api tech integrated with businesses

API technology and Smart Lockers

How do these two terms correlate?

When integrated into traditional lockers, API technology software systems can help remove the most common problems encountered in the last leg of the last-mile distribution

Faster, cheaper, and more sustainably delivery is attained when smart lockers hubs are used as the drop-off destination – the risk of failed attempt delivery and unnecessary last-mile itineraries are taken out of the formula.

Now that we know that the “smart” part of the locker is in its software and API technology integration, it is easier to see how this innovation is taking parcel delivery to a new level of convenience for customers and business profitability.

How do Smart Lockers work? 

Smart locker participation in parcel delivery is simple. It does not get any more complicating than this:

  • The customer orders online and selects the desired location for pick up. Using smart lockers removes the inconvenience of staying at home waiting for the deliveryman in a specific time window.
  • The customer can pick up the order by getting an arrival notification of the parcel from the multi-user & single-user applications – All this retrieval process is done under 10 seconds. 

The challenging part of smart lockers is not how to use them, as it is a very intuitive mechanism; the challenge is getting used to this new delivery model, as some people might still be reluctant to technology or just too used to traditional home delivery methods. Luckily some countries like Poland and France are significantly ahead and have extensively adapted to parcel lockers

A Click & Collect Smart Locker for El Corte Inglés Portugal.
A Click & Collect Smart Locker for El Corte Inglés Portugal (Credits: El Corte Inglés)

Smart Lockers: an alternative to home delivery

Even in emerging countries, the growth of e-commerce is undeniable. According to research, this industry is expected to hit $4 trillion by the end of this year. Hence the need to start adapting to API technology and new home delivery alternatives that allow companies to do bulk deliveries saving time last-mile costs. 

Thanks to the integration of API technology into traditional lockers, the idea of Smart lockers was born, changing the delivery game and dodging the home delivery issues.

How can API solution help your business?

At, we are at the forefront of locker systems integration and development for various industries. We strive to develop the smartest application interface that adapts to your existing workflow, letting you gain complete power over the service interface with 100% adaptability. Our solutions are already in over 15 countries around the world.

Want to discuss how our technology can help your business optimize delivery operations?

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