Average Order Value and 3 Reasons Why Smart Lockers Are an Innovative Delivery Option

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Barbara Alvarado
Barbara Alvarado
Average Order Value - is here to help businesses grow. In today’s article, we decided to explore the Average Order Value arena: When it comes to the average orders value, how can businesses raise the bar?

Average Order Value: What is it?

So starting off from the main concept of Average Order Value: “the average amount of money that people are willing to pay when they place an order at any online retail shop or e-commerce platform”, we can now move on to the further implications that this principle represents for businesses.

We know that e-shoppers around the world are becoming more demanding not just in terms of the quality or prices of products, but about the whole online shopping experience, and guess what, delivery efficiency and speed are one of those factors that weigh the most when it comes to purchasing decisions and customers satisfaction.

No wonder why businesses keep on working on alternative solutions to balance delivery costs while offering good deals to their customers to keep their businesses afloat and profitable.

Some of the most common strategies to offer cheaper or even free deliveries are: a fixed amount of minimum order, upsell, cross-sell, loyalty programs, and bulk orders.

But why not offer more delivery personalized options?

This will not only be beneficial for you as a business in terms of costs but to your final customers in terms of convenience. We found that 73% of consumers believe it is more important to receive orders in a time frame that is more appropriate and convenient for them than the actual delivery rate.

Average Order Value -
Demand is growing for E-commerce around the world (Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich – Pexels)

Smart Lockers as a Solution to Increase Average Order Value

So, here is where Smart Lockers come into the scenario, the incorporation of this software and hardware combo is key to outperforming the last leg of the journey, known for being the most challenging part of the whole logistic process: the last-mile delivery

Smart Lockers can bring many rewards to your business by allowing a more efficient logistics infrastructure as there will be better delivery control, with less room for human errors, as well as reducing time and costs expenditures. But, how can this all be achieved? Easy, delivery speed, below we listed two of the factors that contribute to the improvement of delivery speed:

  • Warehouse optimization: As a start point any efficient delivery depends heavily on fulfillment success. Hence, fulfillment partners need to optimize warehouse protocols to the fullest.
  • Technology adaption: In today’s world businesses of all sizes and niches need to rely on technology adoption, even more than relying on their staff, the right adoption of software like API can help merchants adopt new strategies and guarantee higher delivery performance. 
Average Order Value -
A customer picking up their package at a Smart Locker (Photo by Shutterstock)

Now, let’s put ourselves in the final customer’s shoes. Smart lockers delivery method enables same-day and almost instant delivery due to its technology, which also opens a window of flexible pick up, allowing the customers to choose the time and location that works best for them and it requires zero interaction, turning it into a contactless delivery.

Let’s look at these 2 advantages smart lockers delivery bring to customers’ online purchasing experience:

  • Same-day delivery: Studies show that 48% of customers say that same-day delivery makes them more likely to buy online, while 61% of customers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery, so why not take advantage of your customers’ drive and offer them same-day delivery to smart locker facility? bearing in mind that logistically is more feasible to operate same-day delivery to parcel lockers than going through the hustle of last-mile delivery.
  • Flexible time slot: Speed ​​is not always the customer’s top priority. Chances are that you may be able to gain customers’ loyalty by providing a flexible yet time-specific delivery window. The majority of buyers appreciate scheduled deliveries in a two-hour time frame. 
Average Order Value -
(Smart Lockers are key to outperforming the last mile delivery – Photo by Shutterstock)

All these smart lockers’ strong points can just translate into businesses cutting off logistics costs.

By setting up a cost-effective way to manage deliveries and learning your customers’ behaviors your business will as a result raise the average order value, total sales, increase sales over a period of time, and general improvement of the lifetime value of existing customers. 

If you want to learn more about our tailor-made smart locker solutions for your business, visit or reach out here to one of our developers to schedule a meeting.

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