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Joao Lopes
Joao Lopes
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lockster smart locker


In this blog post, we will explore Lockster smart lockers, our partnership with Lockster, one of our most exciting partners, and one of our first partnerships.

At, we are always on the lookout for exciting new projects that can solve significant needs in their local markets. That’s one of the driving factors behind our international reach, which is already present in over 15 countries.

Lockster is precisely solving a significant need in the market. It is creating the first agnostic OOH delivery option with smart lockers in its local market: the Netherlands.

Netherlands: unserved market

The Netherlands market is not a stranger to tech innovations, with companies like or Just Eat Takeaway born there.

PostNL, the market leader in parcel delivery, delivered over 384 million parcels just in 2021, and the numbers are predicted to keep growing. However, the country was still very undeveloped in terms of APMs (Automatic Parcel Machines), with only 200 of them at the end of 2021 (by PostNL).

Following these data points, it became clear that there was a need for a more widely spread solution across the region.

Lockster smart lockers
Lockster local Market: The Netherlands – Photo by Pixabay –

Lockster smart lockers: born to make getting parcels easy and sustainable

Created in 2020 by Abel Bijlsma, the venture quickly attracted external capital to execute its plan and bring this service to the Dutch market.

The last-mile segment of e-commerce deliveries is the most costly, in some cases, reaching up to 90% of the total delivery cost. On top of that, it is also the most environmentally damaging one, with high volumes of CO2 emissions associated with delivery vehicles.

Adding to all the previously mentioned, standard deliveries are also not optimized for the receivers, often with rigid and unpredictable delivery hours – making it hard for consumers to participate in e-commerce conveniently.

That’s where out-of-home delivery solutions, such as smart lockers come into place. Smart lockers allow companies to increase their efficiency and reduce costs.

For these reasons, Lockster smart lockers were born.

Lockster smart lockers
Lockster’s client making use of smart lockers

Creating an internet age solution

As a newly formed tech company, with a young team and ambitious plans, Lockster quickly realized that most solutions around them were not providing users or businesses with the right tools.

Lockster set out to look for potential technology partners that could provide them with a solution that would fit their needs.

And then they found, it was an instant match. The technology and customization of our solution could offer exactly what Lockster needed, and the partnership began: Lockster smart lockers became a reality

The goal: To create a solution that made sense in this internet age. Intuitive and easy to use for the final customers, and easily integrated these Lockster smart lockers with business partners.

We developed and successfully delivered multiple interfaces, such as a mobile app for final users, a web-based dashboard to book a parcel locker door, and a customizable smart locker screen.

Smart Locker usage demo

The future of Lockster smart lockers in the Netherlands

Lockster smart lockers demand is growing, and the future seems bright – with partnerships with giants such as DHL and PostNL, their smart lockers are now being deployed in office buildings across the country, and soon other facilities will count on this technology as well.

The plans are ambitious – and they intend to deploy thousands of units across the region in the upcoming years.

At, we are confident that Lockster will keep expanding, and we will be present to provide them with the best solution possible!

How can smart lockers help your business?

At, we are at the forefront of locker systems integration and development for various industries, including Last Mile. We strive to develop the smartest application interface that adapts to your existing workflow, letting you gain full power over the service interface with 100% adaptability.

Our solutions are already being used by several companies across the world.

Want to discuss more on how our technology can help your business optimize delivery operations?

Reach out to one of our industry specialists and let’s find the best solution for your business, together.