Contactless delivery: How Smart Lockers can help fight the COVID-19 pandemic

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Joao Lopes
Joao Lopes

Contactless delivery and Smart Lockers. Two concepts we are going to explore in this article as an alternative for businesses to keep afloat in times of pandemic.

During the last two months, there has been a dominating topic in everybody’s conversations – the COVID-19 pandemic.

Partly due to the fact that this topic has also absolutely dominated media and news outlets.

But mostly due to the measures imposed by almost every government around the world, which created an unprecedented situation.

While it’s debatable whether the lockdown measures were too restrictive or too allowing, and while they were different from country to country, they had a collateral effect.

Being on lockdown and not allowed to leave, to avoid the spread of the virus had some positives and negatives.

Besides the intended consequence of slowing down the virus, it also ended up having other consequences.

empty street social distancing covid-19 parcel lockers
During the Covid-19 pandemic, empty streets meant hardship for ‘offline’ businesses

Impact on businesses

Notably, it accelerated the digital transition on many fronts – we’ve witnessed legacy companies embracing remote work seriously for the first time, something a lot of people are certainly thankful for.

On the other hand, the negative consequences were also immense – from restrictions that stopped business operations to huge declines in sales.

Both of these factors made a lot of businesses rethink their operations.

Businesses that were leading on the digital landscape adapted fast and without much trouble.

On the other hand… those who didn’t are still having a bad time.

And a lot of technologies benefited greatly – one of the best examples was video call services, like Zoom, that saw a huge increase in their user base, as everybody was forced to move all of their professional interactions to the platform.

In this blog post, I’m going to talk about how the Smart Locker is one of the technologies that comply with social distance, not only helps mitigate the risk of spread but also helping retailers bring their businesses back safely thanks to contactless delivery.

Smart Lockers? ????

So how can Smart Lockers fight the COVID-19 pandemic? Well…

Lockdown measures imposed restrictions on retailers, either forced to close their space, or having it heavily restricted.

This forced consumers to migrate to e-commerce options.

And while e-commerce reduces the risks, it doesn’t mitigate them completely. The courier still has to deliver purchased goods directly to the end consumer.

Contactless Deliveries – Parcel Lockers

Having this in mind, AGCOM a governmental agency from Italy (one of the countries most affected by the pandemic) issued an official statement incentivizing the placement and use of parcel smart lockers networks across the country.

The purpose of the initiatives is to make contactless delivery, avoiding the spread between couriers and consumers

Parcel delivery lockers offer a lot of benefits. For consumers, retailers, and logistic companies.

These benefits are not only economical but also environmental. But this is the first time that Public health is one of them.

We at believe greatly in those benefits.

That’s why our OS is ready to receive parcels and is compatible with multiple carriers simultaneously.

Surviving in retail Pick-up Lockers

One of the biggest problems with traditional retail is that physical stores tend to group a lot of people. 

To avoid having multiple people inside the same room, there have been restrictions made to the number of people allowed in closed spaces — this created a new problem: huge queue lines of customers.

One of the ways to fix both problems is to allow customers to buy items and then pick them up from a smart locker.

This is a great way to bring people back to retail shops, increasing foot traffic while still keeping it safe!

Our lockers allow for full contactless Buy Online Pick-up in Locker service. 

Besides this, our OS also provides the quickest and easiest BOPIS system deployment.

Trading items during the pandemic – Exchange Lockers

One of the hardest aspects of the lockdown was not being able to be with our friends and family.

Social distancing kept us from comforting our peers, but we shouldn’t be stopped from exchanging goods with each other, something usually requires close contact.

Whether we’re talking about birthday gifts, borrowed items or simply showing affection, it’s important to keep giving and receiving.

Our OS is the first service to allow contactless item exchange, through the mobile app.

Conclusion – The times ahead

To answer the question: can Smart Lockers help with the COVID-19 pandemic? I believe so.

Much like other technologies, and although it might not be the most obvious one, we expect an acceleration on the growth of the use and placement of smart lockers as a result of the current pandemic situation.

Hoping everyone reading this blog article is safe, and stays that way.

And I’m hopeful we will recover stronger and better than ever before. 🙂

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