Delivery Methods: How Adaptable Technology Helps You Do It Right

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Barbara Alvarado
Barbara Alvarado
Delivery Methods

With today’s customers’ expectations retailers, and delivery providers need to optimize their delivery methods to create faster, more profitable, and of course, more convenient models.

In today’s digital era, where customers are more demanding and competitiveness is higher, the need to stand out is imperative. The key for companies to succeed is to offer more personalized products and delivery options that fit even the most unconventional demands.

People like the idea of uniqueness, not just in terms of the product itself, but also in terms of the post-purchase stage, which involves the delivery and return process.

No need to mention, that there is no such thing as a universal delivery solution that can fit all customers and scenarios, hence, the key is to offer personalized options, meaning offering a wide range of delivery methods that meet customers’ expectations and that will as well help your business stand out from the crowd and win some competitive advantage.

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Standard Home Delivery Method – Photo by Pexels

Personalization is the future of Delivery Methods

Personalized delivery refers to wider time windows and more spots or locations available for packages to be dropped off and retrieved. If you take a look at the best companies, they offer several delivery methods, among them: on-demand, scheduled, and subscription delivery.

Depending on the customers’ urgency of getting the parcel, the purchase frequency, and their willingness to pay for shipping costs one method might fit better than the other, but one thing is for certain, as a business you can not afford to lose potential clients due to standards and incompetent models or simply the lack of different options. It is time to embrace smart technologies and offer a wider range of delivery methods to your customers.

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Smart locker in function for package retrieval or return – photo by Shutterstock

How can Smart Lockers upscale your operations?

For the sake of this article, we will focus on two of the previously mentioned delivery methods: on-demand and scheduled delivery.

Let’s start by differentiating both. On-demand delivery uses stores, micro fulfillment centers, and urban warehouses as the start point to ship the order, this type of delivery is ideal for more urban areas, although it can use a 3rd party delivery provider, it is more common to be handled in-house, which makes it faster but much more costly.

On the other hand, we have scheduled delivery, this method is done from the retailers’ warehouses and sets an expected delivery date or slot based on the logistic processes of all parties involved. It is a more time-consuming operation but it is also less costly.

As for what it concerns to the smart lockers industry, it has been proved that the adoption of lockers and their smart technology equipment can help synchronize operations between the warehouse, retailer, courier, and the final consumer, allowing an accurate live-track communication of the delivery process, translating into profitable gains to companies as well as brand loyalty.

Self-Scheduling: The new must include option in your delivery offering

In today’s digital era, it is expected the automatization and digitalization of most logistics-related activities. Instead, most companies still use paper notifications to reschedule delivery attempts and use phone calls to confirm addresses.

There is no room for self-scheduling at your convenience, where you are in charge of where, how, and when to pick up your purchases. This just shows how companies are missing the whole point of offering personalized experiences to their customers with digitalized smart scheduling and automated delivery updates.

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Self-scheduling data from Bringg

To solve this, and keep delivering on time at a reduced cost, smart lockers represent a new window of opportunities for businesses.

Parcel lockers are a safe storage solution that not just enables route and last-mile optimization but also complies with customers’ delivery timetable of self-self-scheduling expectations which consequently leads to cut delivery failed attempts and the extra costs that failed attempts involve.

Do not forget that inefficient technology and procedures can have a ripple effect generating negative long-term effects on your revenue and customer loyalty. Having integrated data and delivery operations, with full distinctness, opens up opportunities for add-on services and loyalty.

How can API solution help your business?

At, we are at the forefront of locker systems integration and development for various industries including online retail. We strive to develop the smartest application interface that adapts to your existing workflow, letting you gain full power over the service interface with 100% adaptability

Our solutions are already being used by several companies across the world.

Want to discuss more on how our technology can help your business optimize delivery operations? Reach out to one of our industry specialists and let’s find the best solution for your business, together.

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