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Barbara Alvarado
Barbara Alvarado

In this article, we are going to explore how, as a leading electronic locker supplier, stepped in to create a long-term solution for online businesses dealing with the faults of last-mile and home delivery.

We can all agree that home delivery was once the norm in today’s digital shopping habit and the reason why e-commerce keeps booming since the mid-90s.

Home delivery seems the perfect method, but as convenient as it sounds, it is not a feasible method anymore.

Couriers (like most businesses) operate during regular working hours (from 9h-18h), meaning that deliveries are scheduled to be while most people are absent from their homes; this results in failed delivery attempts which generate extra costs for couriers companies.

Methods like second/third attempt delivery, packages drop-off in post offices, or change of recipient’s address have taken place as an alternative to failed deliveries attempts. However, none seem to be efficient enough for both companies or customers.

Electronic Locker Supplier
Home Failed Delivery – Photo by Kindel Media – Pexels

An Introduction to Electronic Lockers

Electronic lockers are a more advanced form of what we know as traditional lockers, like the ones we see in gyms or schools.

e-Lockers work just like conventional temporary storage, but they count with extra technological perks, perhaps you are familiar with Amazon and DHL electronic lockers, they have done a good job introducing this electronic equipment into the market

How do these technological features make electronic lockers be the top alternative for smarter delivery?

Smart lockers, contrary to home delivery, are available 24/7 for package withdrawal. This new concept of Parcel locker or Click and Collect allow a more independent delivery process, with zero time slot restrictions, total accessibility and proximity to homes or other frequented locations.

Electronic lockers count with API integration. API technology provides seamless communication between all parties involved, thanks to its live tracking and notifications.

Rest API innovation also helps monitor last-mile performance and KPIs to gather relevant data that can help businesses optimize their operations.

This innovative version of lockers also offers the possibility for bulk delivery, turning it into a cheaper and more sustainable choice.

Rather than spending time and resources on single-item delivery, electronic lockers suppliers developed this alternative for businesses to cope with last-mile obstacles such as traffic congestion and extra costs.

Electronic Locker Supplier
Package Retrieval from Electronic Locker as the Leading Electronic Locker Supplier

Now that we have an overview of the technology integrated into electronic lockers and have a brief general idea of the benefits that they can offer, let’s jump into three benefits of partnering with as your electronic locker supplier.

1- Tailored-made Solutions

At we know that no business operates the same way to other. For this reason, we do not provide mainstream answers to our clients; instead, we work with tailored-made solutions that adjust to the business model and requirements.

Our technology stands out from the crowd with a highly adaptable interface that integrates with any 3rd party applications, platform, and ERP. Our partners count on 100% complete adaptability.

Even though we work around the client’s requirements, we have basic standards we always make sure to fulfill: easy installation, modular architecture, and durable materials resistant to indoor and outdoor conditions.

2- Branding Compliance

As the top 1 electronic locker supplier, we care about your business growth, and working with a B2B model ourselves; we know the importance of branding.

We ensure all features from the hardware (appearance of the locker) to the software (app, back-office, dashboard, etc) are 100% customizable according to your branding elements to align with your marketing efforts and improve customers’ experience.

Electronic Locker Supplier -
100% Customizable Touchpad – Branding elements.

3- Extra Services Included

Our solution does not conclude with the installation and deployment of the locker. We strive for long-term partnerships and offer end-to-end solution that includes continuous software updates and required maintenance.

We also assure our partners with technical, team members support and training and constant client support to give them all the skills needed to kick off and sustain their operations smoothly.

How Can Solutions Help Your Business Optimize Operations? 

To get to know more about us as a leading electronic locker supplier and how we can help your business optimize and upgrade last-mile deliveries, warehouse or e-commerce operations (among other industries), reach out to one of our specialists for a personalized quotation. 

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