Are we at the helms of the last frontier for Digital Ecommerce Platforms?

Digital Platforms are everywhere, in the near future you will find a digital eCommerce platform for literally everything. Nowadays we already have platforms for dog walking, construction, gardening, you name it!

The platform business model is very tentative, without a scaling cost organization the possible margins are huge. If the organization builds a faithful big crowd it is almost impossible to go out of business. You can pivot, become a one-stop shop or even change your core business.

Facing a possible loss of 29€ Million a year, digital eCommerce platforms need solutions to optimize their logistical operations. By maximizing riders’ capacity to the max, it allows them to make multiple orders at a time.

I think that it can be done by conquering one last frontier: the physical presence.

This was avoided at first because it represents a slice of huge fixed prices: rent, employees, fixed bills – the list goes on and on.

Does it need to be this way?

There are many ways of having a physical presence without building a shop. Mobile food stands, for instance, or popup corners that come and go.

But what if you achieve that with the most flexible and economic way of them all: integrating Smart Lockers into your business model.

Mockup of a Smart Locker for Jordão Cooling Systems, from Portugal

Smart Lockers allow you to be flexible.

So, what does this mean? Platforms can place them and relocate them according to people’s adherence. 

In Portugal there’s a much famous garden among the young student’s community, Arco do Cego. At this location, especially during the summer, hundreds of students gather around to have a chat and drink a couple of beers. Weirdly, a brand never targeted the spot to make a marketing move, either, to gain money.

Companies like Glovo, Uber Eats, Stuart, Just Eat (…) would have great interest in making an Urban Corner within a space like this. With the help of Smart Lockers, they could brand their own corner easily and put there in the heart of the city, their brand.

For users, it would be nice to have a place to chill out where they can order while they are leaving classes on their way to the garden. All of this without having to worry if they get there on time, or, leaving the conversation on hold to find the rider with their request.

This last frontier, when crossed, will materialize digital companies and brands.

That’s the last challenge remaining for this model. Who will be the first to pilot this?

My name is Bruno Galaio, I’m a Business Developer for I would love to discuss more on how Smart Locker Technology can help you and your business!

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