How Exactly Will Hot Desking Affect My Company?

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Bruno Galaio
Bruno Galaio
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Business leaders are struggling with one particular question: How exactly will hot desking affect my company?

Harvard Business Review has written extensively about this topic exploring multiple topics about hybrid offices and setups for these workspaces, like hotdesking.

In this particular topic, we see that giant companies like Clubhouse and Atlassian have been super flexible managing this return to offices.

Atlassian for instance only demands a visit to the office 4 times a year. Clubhouse, on other hand, stated that collaborative tasks are mandatory to execute at the office and the non-collaborative at home.

Truth to be told, none of these concepts are new. Radical re-imagination of the office space and office life has been done before by companies like IBM, Yahoo!, IBM and HP. Unfortunately, these were not quite successful.

But, the debate between homework vs. office work is real! The problem should not be where do people work, whether is a hot desking workspace or not, but, where do people prefer to work and if they have the conditions to.

Productivity in some cases even increases working from home, as seen in this article from HBR.

But, in that case, what should be put in the office, and what’s the purpose of it?

Well, the fact is companies and managers will have to manage both kinds of people, those who want to work from home and those who go to the office every day.

These two types of people will need to exchange documents, probably company equipment like laptops, phones, tablets, etc (…)

Keeping track of all these exchanges, and reducing the time needed to make them happen is really important:

  • first to keep track of who had the equipment and who took it;
  • second, to make the transition smooth with no costs associated, no company wants to have a person only to pick up parcels or note up who has that laptop.

Having a Smart Locker in your office solves both problems. The security folk at the door won’t need to keep hundreds of packages, you will have a place that automatically keeps track of who put stuff inside, and who took it out, including detailed information of hours and day.

All this eases the process and augments productivity. Count the times in your office that someone is disturbed by a parcel that has arrived, or, by a phone call to change equipment.

At we already have a huge demand for Smart Lockers, mainly to solve the parcel delivery problem at the office.

Is your company missing out by not hot desking?

My name is Bruno Galaio, I’m a Business Developer for I would love to discuss more on how Smart Locker Technology can help your business be more efficient and make your customers happier.

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