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What is

The solution to many scenarios

Tired of carrying your belongings around?

The public locker industry has failed to adapt itself to new technologies.

Are you tired of having to carry your belongings with you on the go? Do you worry about them, because you decided to leave them "hidden" somewhere? Or maybe you just ended up leaving all your valuable stuff in your car, hotel room or another spot? All of these situations are frequent on beaches, festivals, city centers, and others.

All of these problems have one thing in common. There is no convenient and safe place for you to leave your belongings, and not having to worry about them anymore.

Smart lockers on a shared economy!

We are creating a new state of the art tech solution, through two different products.

The BLOQ units, secure smart lockers, that are going to be available in public spots, like beaches, so that people can save their belongings and be carefree.

The App, that will allow people to find BLOQ units around and use them.

Meet our unbreakable smart locker.

BLOQ units will be made out of two different sized compartments, Bricks and Boxes.

Bricks are smaller and cheaper lockers, where you can leave your smaller personal belongings (e.g car keys, phone, wallet).

Boxes are bigger lockers, where you can leave all sorts of items (e.g. bags, clothing, helmets).

BLOQ units will bring convenience, every unit will have phone charging available. Your locker will be controlled by our mobile app. You can even leave your phone inside!

Can it get any easier? Yes.

Our app brings all the control to your smart phone.

Are you looking for a BLOQ unit around you? Our app will provide a map, where you can easily find the closest BLOQ unit to you. Once you've found a BLOQ unit, you can scan the unit QR code through the app, pick your locker, and start using it right away!

Whenever you want to either open or close your locker, you can do it throught the app. You will also be able to keep track of info from the locker you're currently using. Once you've finished using it, you can stop the usage on the app, and the payment is automatic.

It's that easy!


BLOQ units

Our smart lockers will be avaliable in events and beaches. Follow us to know where to bloqit.

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