In 2022, Laundry Drop Off Lockers Are Getting Smarter

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Barbara Alvarado
Barbara Alvarado
Laundry drop off lockers

Who nowadays has time for washing, folding, and ironing clothes?

Let’s be honest, not many of us, right?

As a response to the inconvenience of relocating to a brick and mortar laundry shop during your working hours, some visionary laundry premises (and even big players in the clothes detergent field like Tide) have been working on alternative laundry solutions: Laundry drop off Lockers.

At first, the laundry drop off lockers model was implemented in big cities, but as the world evolves, so do lockers.

The idea of “getting your clothes cleaned on the move” has adopted more cutting-edge technology, turning the drop-off and pick-up system smarter, faster, contactless, and way more convenient, especially for those who live in a rush in metro areas like London, a city where this service is claimed to be very popular. 

Laundry drop off Lockers -
Dirty and Unfolded Clothes – Photo by Andrea Piacquadio – Pexels

Why are Laundry drop off Lockers so popular in the UK? 

According to this research, many people in the UK have lousy washing habits. A study was carried out in London in which 2000 people were surveyed: 30% of them stated to wash their bedsheets just once a year.

Out of this same sample of respondents, 36% said to wash their blankets just once a year, and 18% admitted washing jeans annually. 

This study is a clear example of why laundry lockers have been around the UK since early 2000.

Brit’s cleaning habits depict people’s lack of time to care for their hygiene, making these countries a perfect target for smart laundry drop-off lockers.

Laundry drop off Lockers
Smart Laundry Lockers Network Ready to be Deployed by Laundry Premises

But why are laundry smart lockers the solution?

Implementing a smart locker network around the city will let you win a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Once your customers find out that your businesses count on a laundry drop off lockers network to drop their garments, you will be their first option in mind. You are saving them a trip to your brick and mortar premises, which translates into time and transportation savings. 

Smart laundry drop off lockers do not just work as a safe storage place to exchange dirty garments for cleaned ones.

The technology integrated into this equipment allows live communication, tracking, route optimization, and account management for all parties involved at every single stage of the process – at all times.

Laundry drop off Lockers API technology / APP usage Sample

Smart Lockers Technology

This seamless communication is possible thanks to API technology that can fully adapt to your existing workflow, helping you gain power over the service interface. The proper integration of REST API is the key element to reaching optimized delivery, payment, live reporting, and customer service management. 

Landry businesses can manage the operations from the cloud-based back-office and dashboard. At the same time, customers can manage their orders and accounts from the App.

Smart lockers design

Let’s talk now about the lockers’ composition by jumping into more design characteristics.

Not every cleaning order will require the same service; that’s why it’s essential to build up a smart locker with a tailor-made design that complies with different order characteristics.

Ideally, each door will count with elements like hanging bars that prevent wrinkles or shelves that keep garments uniformly folded and separated by category.

At the same time, these lockers work as a significant branding element. Smart laundry drop off lockers can be fully customizable with the business colors, logos, and any visual features that help boost brand awareness. 

Laundry Drop off Lockers
Customer using App to retrieve her cleaned garments from Smart Laundry Locker

How can helps your Laundry Service optimize it’s operations? has developed a complete hardware and locker software combination solution to help businesses digitize and optimize their operations. 

We are at the forefront of the smart locker system guaranteeing the right integration and development of B2B solutions for various industries. Our automated lockers are already being used by many companies across several countries, saving these companies costs and optimizing their operations.

If you want to know more about how our technology can help your laundry business. Reach out to one of our specialists! 

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