Key Features an Office Smart Locker MUST have in 2021

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Joao Lopes
Joao Lopes

Context – Need for an Office Smart Locker

The pandemic seems more and more like a thing of the past, and people start returning to their ‘normal’ routines.

Nevertheless, some of the trends that were accelerated by the lockdowns seem to be here to stay.

One of the most interesting trends that emerged, universally, was Remote Work (or Work From Home).

With almost all companies being forced into this practice, a lot of large enterprises realized the benefits of remote work.

And although lockdowns might be over, many of these and their employees, who adopted the practice, intend to keep it.

How are work schedules going to look like post Covid-19?

One of the other consequences was the further acceleration of e-commerce growth.

As a result, there’s now more people buying items online than ever before.

And for people who spend their working hours in offices, it’s frequent to use the office as a delivery address for their online purchased items.

Both these factors, bring new challanges to organizations.

Organizations must adapt

With the new challanges, comes the need to adapt and introduce new solutions.

The two main issues arising are:

  1. How can organizations better optimize office space, as workers both can work from home or from the office?
  2. How do organizations deal with the ever-growing influx of parcels being received from online purchases by their workers?

There’s one technological solution that can aid both, and also bring some extra benefits:

Office Smart Locker – How?

Well, these are the main features that Office Smart Lockers bring to organizations:

1. Parcel Delivery management

With the growth of e-commerce, it became more frequent for people to order deliveries to their offices (as they’re not home during normal delivery hours).

As a consequence offices started having problems managing and storing safely all the parcels delivered there until the receiver picks them up.

Besides this, some offices don’t have a receptionist in the lobby, which means employees have to go and pick-up the item themselves (which decreases productivity).

Office Smart Lockers solve this, as receptionists or couriers can deposit the parcels inside, and the receiver will be notified of the code to pick it up later on.

This process provides a way to safely and quickly manage the high volume of parcels being received in the office.

office smart locker
Smart Lockers have become an important infrastructure for the logistics industry

2. Dynamic Access management

Giving or removing access to Smart Lockers is simple and can be done without much effort.

This solves the issue of having to manage keys/change keys when new people join the company, or others leave.

Besides this, it’s also possible to collect data regarding the use of the lockers, which can help the offices better optimize their operations.

Another trend is that offices are embracing remote work and starting to use more shared spaces with their staff (similar to co-working spaces).

This requires lockers to have high rotativity, and for the same locker to be used by different people (if empty).

Office Smart Lockers allow for this highly dynamic routine.

With our API you can easily integrate these systems with the ERP or IT system used by your organization.

3. Object Exchange

A new use-case we’ve been also witnessing lately is the use of a smart locker for workers to exchange items and documents without having to meet in-person.

At, we’ve pioneered this use-case globally.

With our smart lockers, workers can send items to each other, and the receiver will be notified of the credentials to access the said locker.

This also facilitates social distancing and for workers to easily trade items even when they have different shifts.

4. Third-party services

An interesting trend that is also associated with the use of office smart lockers, is the use of the lockers for external services.

Services like laundry, object repair, among others.

The worker leaves the item inside (broken electronic device, clothes to be washed, …), and chooses the service, the service provider gets notified, picks-up the item and performs the service.

Once done, the service provider places the item again in the locker, and the worker picks it up later.

This a great tool for workers, as they don’t need to spend their time dislocating to the service providers.

It’s also a great Quality of Life improvement that organizations can provide their workers with.

Using the API third party services can easily integrate their offer on the pre-existing office smart locker infrastructure.

API for office smart locker

Conclusion – The Office of the Future

As more offices start realizing the potential benefits of using Office Smart Lockers to upgrade their infrastructure and optimize their operations, we expect this market to grow.

The software present on these solutions will be the biggest factor, separating solid from flawed solutions.

Our Office Smart Lockers use our OS – the standard smart locker software solution globally.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Office Smart Lockers – get in touch!