Online shopping Cart Abandonment – 6 Reasons Why E-Shoppers Abandon their Purchase

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Lorenzo Gama
Lorenzo Gama

E-Shoppers are becoming more informed about the products they are looking for, more demanding and more … lazy! 

Online shopping cart abandonment is an issue that all online retail businesses face. Studies show that 88% of online purchases are abandoned on check out … This is a huge number of lost deals, what if you could bring down this number? The good news is that YOU CAN! 

So how can you reduce the number of Online shopping Cart Abandonment for purchases from your e-shop?

The answer is simple: “Listen to your clients”!

The active listening is a great tool in sales techniques and here isn’t different! To know your customers in a better way, understand their needs, what are they looking for and what are their pain points, and usually they tell you all this.

The goal: get your customer’s engagement.

The most common reasons why online shopping cart abandonment rate is so high are:

  1. Payment issues

8% of the customers will abandon their cart if they don’t see the payment method they want, so for your own sake, cover the basics and offer the payment options your customers are used for such as Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, DIner’s Club, Maestro, and if you want to increase your customers trust offer PayPal, Apple & Google Pay and AmazonPay.

  1. Unexpected fees

Buying from your shop should be a smooth and transparent process, so don’t show your customers the shipping fees right before the “Buy” button. These fees should be built in your product price. 

Even more, bear in mind that your clients want free shipping and return fees, so if you start offering them, you’ll be 5 times more likely to have people buying from your shop. So, when it comes to money, these unexpected extra fees have a huge wight on online shopping car abandonment.

  1. Technical issues

Technical issues are directly related with Murphy’s Law: “when something can go wrong, it will go wrong”. Ensure that your website provides the best buying experience to your customers. From emptied carts to expired discount codes, anything can happen, so be sure that technical issues are covered. How? Test, test, test! Remember that 46% of your clients will drop their cart if the discount code isn’t working. Other tips to smoothen the user experience in your website would be to provide human technical support, to humanize the customer’s journey, and to make sure your store is user-friendly, easy to navigate and loads fast.

  1. Long shipping times

73.6% of e-shoppers reported delivery is most important to the overall shopping experience, and same-day shipping is what motivates 49% of people to buy from you.

Long shipping Times Mock up
  1. Trust issues

A survey found that 58% of online shopping cart abandonment is related to payment security issues, and 71% of the consumers are persuaded by brand recognition and more likely to commit to a purchase, so beside firewalls and data encryption, you should focus on getting more ratings and reviews from your customers, establish a social media presence, and ensure to provide an excellent customer support to improve brand experience.

  1. Poor product information

Make it easy for your customers to have their questions answered and to contact you. Add a FAQ section in your website covering all possible questions a shopper might have, and add a chat widget to your website to help your customers’ problems in real-time.

Product Info mockup

Summing up, the only way you can offer your customers real value and therefore avoid online shopping cart abandonment is by engaging with them frequently and in real-time. This way you’ll offer a better user experience and get priceless insights from them.

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