Pick-up Lockers: The #1 Solution to Delivery Attempt Failures

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Henrich Tauber
Henrich Tauber
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Pick-up lockers are rapidly being adapted for so many reasons but delivery attempt failures can be claimed to be one of the most recurrent ones. One of retail’s most challenging parts of the order distribution is the final leg of the last-mile process.

For those who are not familiar with the term, we are referring to the moment when a delivery driver or courier attempts to drop an order to the intended recipient, usually at the customer’s designated address.

A delivery attempt is declared successful if the delivery driver or courier was able to deliver the order to the recipient’s intended address, on time, and with all the items inside and the order is undamaged.

When a delivery driver or courier is unable to deliver the package to the intended receiver, the delivery attempt is considered unsuccessful. The recipient will be notified of this failed delivery attempt through a letter, text message, or email from the driver stating that the delivery was unsuccessful. And in most cases, a second delivery effort will be made by the delivery driver or the courier the following day.

But why all this trouble? Is it really necessary to do more than one attempt and delay the process?

In today’s world, we count on the technology for retail businesses to ease people’s life, and this is why we developed this article, to introduce the concept of pick-up lockers as the brightest and most convenient solutions for delivery attempt failures.

In this article, we discuss the causes of delivery attempt failure, what to do as a business owner after a delivery attempt failed, the downsides of delivery attempt failure to businesses, especially retail, solutions to delivery attempt failures, and pick-up lockers as a possible solution too. 

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Causes of Delivery Attempt Failures

The most common cause for delivery attempt failures is when the recipient of the package was not available or reachable during delivery hours and could not be accessed by the delivery driver.

Other reasons for the failure of the courier to deliver could also be: 

  • The delivery driver or courier was not able to locate the intended recipient at their delivery address, and this could be due to wrong delivery address or missing, or inadequate data in the address box, resulting in an incomplete or erroneous address.

  • There was no access to the recipient’s address: This means that the delivery address is not accessible because of some restrictions to access the recipient`s region or building. This restriction could be due to weather conditions, local utility work, or a gate to a gated community is locked, etc. 

  • The courier could not find a secure location to leave the order or the package or the package needed to be signed after delivery, but there was no one to accept it at the delivery location.

  • There were unpaid costs required to finish the delivery, and there was no recipient to pay for it.
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Courier attempt to deliver at someone’s doorstep (Photo by Mike Jones – Pexels)

After a failed delivery attempt, the delivery driver is expected to leave or send one or more of the following messages to the recipient of the intended package:

  • The delivery attempt was unsuccessful.

  • Please come to our pick-up location to pick up your order.

  • Alternatively, you can plan a second delivery attempt using our website.

Downsides of Delivery Attempt Failures to Businesses

There are downsides to delivery attempt failures, especially for the retail industry. This could easily result in an irritated or frustrated customer, as well as costly consequences for the business itself, such as: 

  1. Unexpected expenses: this is one of the most evident effects when a delivery attempt fails. This is because a botched delivery comes with a number of hidden expenses, such as refunds, fees for shipping, the extra cost of shipping the package again, and the time spent on customer service and by employees.

  2. Customer Dissatisfaction and Loyalty: A delivery attempt failure results in a poor customer experience. Most customers believe and conclude that the retailer is at fault if there was a mistake with their delivery or a delivery attempt failure. Whether this is accurate or not, your customer may lose faith in your business, and customer loyalty is essential for a successful retail firm, thus reducing delivery attempt failure is very important.
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A courier knocking on the door to see if anyone is available to retrieve the package (Photo by Pavel Danilyiuk – Pexels)

Mainstream Solutions to Delivery Attempt Failures

To solve delivery attempt failure in your business, you can use any of the following solutions: 

  • Adapt the tracking number system: This allows the recipient to schedule a redelivery time if they would not be around when the driver should attempt delivery or, alternatively, to arrange delivery choices such as picking up their parcel from parcel lockers facilities.

  • Use a delivery driver app: having an app changes the delivery flow automatically when a delivery driver still has a parcel that requires a second delivery attempt or when shipments must be diverted to a different delivery location.

  • Use tracking links for each package: this tracking link helps recipients track their package, and provide a live delivery estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the customer.
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Pick-up Lockers as a Possible Solution to Delivery Attempt Failure

Smart lockers, also called pick-up lockers, is a locker system that gives a mechanism to manage incoming parcels more efficiently while also boosting security measures, especially in this technology inclined age. 

These pick-up lockers are used instead of tracking down a person who has a delivery. The delivery package is stored securely, and the recipient is notified through a message/email with a code that, when entered via the touchscreen, opens the smart locker door assigned to you.

This system enables traceability, contactless delivery (especially in this global pandemic), frees up personnel to do other things and is convenient for recipients who can pick up their packages whenever it’s convenient for them.

If you want to learn more about our tailor-made smart locker solutions for your business, visit or reach out here to one of our developers to schedule a meeting.

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