Privacy Policy

Effective date: 9th June 2020 Bloq.it, owned and operated by Bloqstrx, Lda., enshrines its User’s privacy as one of its main cornerstones. By using our smart electronic lockers you provide personal data, that allows us to provide a better experience when using our products and services. We work to ensure that the collection and processing of that data is compliant with the GDPR, respecting the principles therein. All personal data is processed lawfully, requiring the User’s consent; fairly, not processing reasonably unexpected personal data; and transparently, by keeping our data protection practices open. The data collected is used solely for the specific reason that motivated its collection, such as authenticating for using the service, payment information processing for paying the service, email for contacting and phone number to KYC and contact user in case of necessity of urgent resolution. Whenever personal data is collected the User will be informed of what data is being collected and why. Personal Data that does not require to be kept for authentication purposes will be deleted as soon as it’s not required anymore. If at any time the User wishes to have all of his personal data as well as his account deleted, he has the right to do so without undue delay directly through our app or by contacting via e-mail to support@bloq.it. In accordance with the principle of transparency laid down on the GDPR, below can be found a thorough description of the personal data collected and processed by Bloq.it.

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