If you are reading this, you probably have already heard about Smart Lockers. But where are Smart Lockers being used in 2021?

The market is booming and Smart Lockers are a rapidly growing solution in different business sectors with different possible uses.

This creates confusion. We commonly get asked, “What is a Smart Locker? Where can It be used? Is there any benefit in using it as a BOPIS for retail?”

In no more than five minutes of your time, I’ll try to tell you everything.

Fresh for Good, from France, is one of Bloq.it’s clients in Europe

Smart Locker has a BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick in Store).

Having a Smart Locker to automate your BOPIS operation is very smart, especially if we are talking about BOPIS in Retail. A locker automates processes of the Click&Collect Operation, granting the management fewer costs, a more effective operation, and less time consumed by the workforce.

Plus, Bloq.it Solution will collect KPI’s that people can’t in order to ease your job.

For FMCG goods that need cold storage, we also have refrigerated lockers!

Parcel Management and office lockers.

Recently we’ve met with a couple of friends that work for a big company. Besides working in a cool office they can’t receive parcels at their work. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people that cannot be part of the advent of eCommerce: nurses, judges, uber drivers, you name it (…)

A Smart Locker is a great solution to avoid the overwhelming security guy. With a Smart Locker, your employees can easily receive parcels in an organized way, it takes less than 10 seconds to deposit and pick up the parcel.

Plus, your team can share and trade equipment in an organized and trackable way.

Last-mile cost reduction.

If you are running a logistics business you have a problem with the Last Mile Cost, and the thought of re-doing it because someone is not at home is a nightmare. The good news is, we have lockers to diminish that cost.

Smart Lockers are not only for BOPIS, actually, the use of it as a Last-Mile Delivery solution is a fuel that is driving the market in countries like Poland.

Imagine being able to deliver 40 parcels with one trip and not having to go door to door. Plus, it’s more convenient, an example of that is in Poland. 80% of the parcels delivered are in lockers, so what are we waiting for? It’s even friendlier to the environment since it diminishes the number of trips required by the vehicle.

Having fewer vehicles means a leaner and more efficient operation, this is the dream of every operation manager.

Pharmacy locker, yes please.

We’ve all been there, buying personal stuff at the pharmacy, you know what I’m talking about. A locker is the perfect BOPIS for the pharmacies, grants you commodity avoiding time wasted in lines, and grants the final client privacy and discretion. 

We are not far from a future where your prescription will be read by a locker, trust me we got that covered.

Factory locker.

Either to boost your employee’s productivity or to keep track and safely store expensive material or tools, a locker is very reliable. In factories throughout the World, we are seeing use cases to diminish the “lost” tools that vanish here and there.

Else, to keep phones in certain timelines of the production process to keep the productivity up. The manager can control the opening times and whose door is occupied or not.

Concept mockup for one of our clients, Jordão Cooling Innovation Systems, from Portugal

So what is a Smart locker?

Essentially a smart locker is a powerful tool to automate the processes that require human contact. The examples above are just the most common ones. Every day we are noticing new use-cases and new verticals where people and companies are successfully applying lockers to be more efficient today.

Are you missing out? Let me know what you think about this article.

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