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 The “Smart Lockers” in France!

The “Smart Lockers” in France!

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Connected Lockers in France

As the pandemic situation slows down in France and we start to see a return to normal, it’s important to note that a few trends seemed to be here to stay.

Among these trends, the sharp increase in e-commerce purchases, and consequently the adoption of new solutions to facilitate it.

Among them: the use of Smart Lockers.

A user collecting a package from one of our smart lockers located in Lisbon, Portugal


Currently, Smart Lockers are not yet fully adopted massively in France, with only a few small networks and a select group of retailers with Click & Collect solutions.

The reverse is happening in other European countries, such as Poland, Sweden and Norway, where smart lockers are already widely distributed and accessible to all users.

What does Click & Collect look like in France?

Currently the most developed click & collect system in France, it involves either withdrawal from a store or withdrawal from a local store (Primeur, Bakery, Florist, etc.)

And although some retail chains already offer this service, it is still underdeveloped.

This makes us believe that this sector will grow more and more, as retailers realize the benefits of using lockers for their Click & Collect operations.

How can BOPIS help facilitate this during a global pandemic?

BOPIS is the use of electronic and connected lockers that allow delivery companies to deliver parcels, food or other items in lockers that can be placed at merchants or in public places.

Users of these lockers can indeed use these lockers without having to interact with other people.

This generally reduces the interaction between people.

The manufacturers of these lockers such as have developed an antibacterial paint system which also guarantees the safety and health of the users of these lockers. also provides a more secure means, which is the use of a mobile application available on any type of phone and accessible free of charge to locker users.

The number of parcels in France

With the containment and the measures taken during the COVID-19 period, French consumers favor purchases made on the internet more than in stores, which translates into a 21% increase in parcel deliveries in 1 year.

Delivery to a fixed point can facilitate delivery for both distributors and consumers.

Logistics and e-commerce are massively benefiting society, they have been a great tool during the pandemic, but as these industries develop, some issues become more evident, such as:

  • Pollution caused by deliveries
  • The cost of deliveries (and returns)
  • Increase in road traffic

Summary of the impact of the use of parcel network systems

The cause of the pollution is the multiplication of trips that delivery trucks have to make each day.

Using a Smart Locker solves these problems, as it allows packages to be delivered to a given point with fewer trips.

The figures indicate that for 100 packages, 1 truck is needed.

Pollution reduction
The carbon impact linked to delivery has a very negative effect on the environment in France.

By reducing the number of trips made by couriers, the carbon footprint per delivery is reduced.

Cost of deliveries
During deliveries, it is necessary to take into account the return.

Reduced costs for the consumer and delivery in a connected locker reduces the price of delivery for the consumer but reduces the transport costs for the delivery company, which will no longer have to make multiple trips to deliver the packages at users’ homes.

Decreased traffic
With less trips by couriers and trucks, traffic in urban areas will also be much lower. in France arrived in France at the beginning of 2021 for specialized click & collect lockers dedicated to the delivery of fresh products.

You can find our lockers in the South of France region. smart lockers are easy to use;

You can easily use the touchpad screen on the locker kiosk,

Or Download our app from the App Store or Google Play.

A user accessing one of’s smart lockers in Portugal using the app


We are convinced that it will be an increase in Connected Lockers in France.

Considering these factors, it is of great interest for businesses and individuals to start looking to integrate Smart Lockers into their operations. offers the best connected lockers on the market.

Thanks to its open API can be easily integrated to the needs of companies.

If you are looking for an advanced Smart Locker solution, with top quality software higher, contact us.

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