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    A powered by Bloq.it Locker for Click & Collect

    "We chose Bloq.it to deploy a Click&Collect solution using smart lockers. Over 90% of our customers prefer this option, which means we're walking in the right path.
    Our partnership has been characterized by a joint and permanent search for a better solution for our business. We exchange suggestions, expertise and test out different possibilities. "

    Clara Rodrigues

    Project Manager, El Corte Inglés


    "The journey we have been doing with Bloq.it has been characterized by a constant overcoming of challenges and an intense exchange of ideas.
    This collaborative approach can only lead to one outcome: a product adjusted to the customers' reality and that delivers the best quality.
    For this reason, we believe Bloq.it has increasingly positioned itself as a trusted partner that grants us a more successful approach to the market."

    Jorge Neri

    Product Manager, Glintt

    smart locker startup

    "Bloq.it has provided us with a complete solution.
    Parcel Lockers, the entire operation software, and the mobile app. Having the soft- and hardware all in one place makes communication, changes, and improvements to our solution the most efficient.
    Next to that, the Bloq.it lockers are aesthetically the best lockers on the market."

    Abel Bijlsma

    CEO, Lockster

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