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Let’s upgrade your business?
Smart Lockers are here to stay.

    Let’s upgrade your business?
    Smart Lockers are here to stay.

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      “ has provided us with a complete solution.”

      “From parcel lockers to the entire operation software and the mobile app. Having the Software and hardware all in one place makes communication and improvements to our solution the way more efficient. Next to that, in my opinion, the lockers are also aesthetically the best lockers in the market”

      Abel Bijlsma

      CEO, Lockster

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      “A product adjusted to the customer’s reality.”

      “The journey we have been doing with has been characterised by a constant overcoming of challenges and an intense exchange of ideas. This collaborative approach can only lead to one outcome: a product adjusted to the customer’s reality and that delivers the best quality. For this reason, we believe has increasingly positioned itself as a trusted partner that grants us a more successful approach to the market”

      Jorge Neri

      Product Manager

      Fastest growing Smart Locker company present in +15 countries

      "Considered one of the most promising startups coming out of Lisbon"

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      "Considered one of the most promising startups coming out of Lisbon"

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can the Smart Lockers be placed outdoors?

      Absolutely. We have outdoor-ready models. All of our lockers have been tested intensively and they’re able to withstand the harshest temperature conditions, as well as equipped with anti-vandalic appliances.

      Can I choose the Smart Locker doors size?

      Our lockers are 100% customizable to your needs, we have a few standard sizes that can be mixed up to achieve multiple configurations.

      Can the locker have my brand?

      Yes, locker units can be customized with your colors and branding elements.

      Even the locker touch screen can be personalized with your brand details.

      Can I use my own app with your lockers?

      Our API is fully compatible with any interface you wish to, including your own app or web app.

      Can you make my Smart Locker work?

      Yes, we might be able to, depending on the Smart Locker technical specification, we might be able to install our technology and make our software run in it. Reach out to one of our experts will evaluate it.

      Can I use your technology and produce lockers locally?

      You can use our software and IoT solution in third-party lockers.

      If you wish to manufacture lockers locally, we can also assist you in finding the right local partners and provide you with technical documentation and support.

      What is a Smart Locker?

      A smart locker is a device that allows people to store, send, receive or exchange items securely and autonomously.

      Smart Lockers are used across multiple industries, with different use-cases and goals.

      What is a Smart Locker Software?

      The smart locker software refers to the entire set of computerized operations integrated into the locker that makes all the storage of items safe

      Our software-first solutions are adaptable, customizable, flexible, scalable, and intuitive.

      Are Smart Lockers the future?

      Smart lockers allow businesses to overcome warehouse and last-mile operational challenges which translates into long-term positive effects in terms of costs, time, sustainability matters, and customers satisfaction.

      What is a Parcel Locker?

      Parcel Lockers are smart lockers used to deliver parcels purchased online. They can be found in residential settings, densely crowded areas, transportation centers, gas chains, supermarkets, among others.

      They offer a great opportunity to make diverse industries more sustainable and at reduced costs.

      What is Click & Collect?

      Click and collect (also known as BOPIS) is a new practice for most retailers nowadays to offer to their shoppers to collect items rather than have them delivered to them.

      The concept is quite simple, customers will buy their items online, but instead of having them shipped for an extra delivery cost, they can choose to pick the item.

      Smart Lockers allow you to automate Click & Collect, saving up to 90% of its operational cost.