Smart Lockers in Spain: Growing demand – New 2021 trends

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Bruno Galaio
Bruno Galaio
smart lockers in spain are growing in popularity

During and on the final stages of the pandemic, there has been an increase in demand for Smart Lockers in Spain.

But Spain is no exception. All across the world, we are seeing an increase in demand for Smart Lockers in multiple verticals.

Smart Lockers in Spain are increasing their demand greatly boosted by the eCommerce boom that was felt worldwide due to Covid. This “lockdown” that forced us to stay at home for a while changed deeply the consumer patterns and now it’s a privilege not entering the store and being able to pick something up at any hour of the day.

This demand is also good for the companies, that are motivated not only to create a new more flexible way of picking parcels but also good to diminish the last-mile delivery cost and have smaller logistics operations.

There has been an increase in demand for Smart Lockers in Spain, in parallel to the increase of deliveries throughout Spain and the rest of the World
A Spanish delivery worker on her daily commute delivering orders door by door

But, where is the eCommerce going in Spain, and how pertinent are Smart Lockers in Spain for eCommerce?

Spanish eCommerce represents 5,8% of the eCommerce operations in Europe, and the trend is predicted to grow 21,2% until 2023.

The problem is, how are we shipping so many parcels and what’s the price of it? Well, for the company the price is high and for the planet is huge. Think about it, companies have to drive door by door to deliver each parcel, this is a huge fuel consumption activity, that causes traffic jams and a lot of unnecessary carbon emissions.

Plus in growing eCommerce markets, like Spanish eCommerce, there are concerns about the quality of the delivery and the choices that the client has to receive them successfully, that’s where Smart Lockers step into play:

Smart Lockers help Spanish eCommerce to enhance logistics capacity and efficiency. In Poland, the index and the most developed market on this terms, there are around 8 PUDOS per 10 000 inhabitants, Spain has less than 5.

This raises a lot of red flags, if PUDOS or APM don’t rise, we will have the same problem that we are experiencing in Portugal, where half a million parcels are not being delivered because there’s no capacity.  Plus, imagine having to re-do 20%, give or take, off these deliveries, the extra carbon emissions, and the extra last-mile costs that this represents.

Any market that resembles Spanish eCommerce needs to seriously think about implementing Smart Lockers. Smart Lockers in Spain are a need to improve both efficiency and quality of the parcel delivery operation.

But, who will implement them?

The most interesting part is postal and logistics companies, but, last-mile logistic Start-Ups like, Mox, Kiwi, or XPO  could have an amazing opportunity to create their own network of Smart Lockers in Spain.

Why Smart Lockers in Spain instead of PUDOs?

Well, the list for having a Smart Locker in Spain instead of a PUDO is long, but let’s keep this brief:

  • Smart Lockers can be placed anywhere if your company has data you can put it strategically in heat zones so more users can use it.
  • Smart Lockers don’t need to rest, so they run 24/7 autonomously.
  • It takes less than 10 seconds to drop a parcel and also less than 10 seconds to pick up a parcel in a Smart Locker.
  • It’s safer for the final customer who is the only one with the credentials to open up the Smart Locker door.

Having a generous number of Smart Lockers in Spain or different networks of lockers is inevitable with Spanish eCommerce following the global growth trend, else, the process will just be old and fragile.

Is this roll-out a global roll-out?

Well, yes. The Spanish eCommerce scene is not the only one growing, therefore, the need for Smart Lockers in Spain is a pain felt all across the world.

Singapore is a good case study, with only 281 miles, it will have 1,000 smart lockers by the end of 2021. China example is mental, they use lockers for everything and they have a whopping 800,000 Smart Lockers spread across the country, that’s more Smart Lockers than the rest of the world combined.

Studies show that there is an appetite to place 150 000 Smart Lockers in Europe over the next years, and 120 000 for the Smart Lockers for the US, only for the segment of logistics and eCommerce.

smart lockers in spain can be seen in retailers

How can I or my company take on this opportunity?

Good news, can help you with that.

We have already Smart Lockers in Spain and there’s a market that we enjoy working in. Plus, we offer consultancy and walk beside you to make sure you are getting the most of your equipment.

Now, why us?

To make this happen you will not only need to have a locker, you need to have a Smart Locker, and that requires good Smart Locker software with an exceptional customer journey design to your use case in particular.

We get contacted a lot by people who buy lockers but the software doesn’t work and is not adjustable to the specific use case. Smart Lockers in Spain, or anywhere else in the world need to be simple to use to ensure that people actually use them.

If you are Spanish, you know El Corte Inglés, after partnering up with them, 97% of their Click&Collect clients stated they rather use Smart Lockers over other systems to pick up their purcases.

The key secret: there’s no need to register in apps or go through long proceses. You get a bar/QR or PIN code, scan it in the Smart Locker, and boom, in less than 10 seconds you are done.

This process is highly flexible, our open API lets you integrate this solution into your own website or software, plus, the dashboard allows you to control KPIs of the whole operation.

The whole solution is cloud-based, so having the Smart Lockers in Spain or anywhere else in the world is not an issue at all, our team will be ready to help you if the need arises.

To sum it up.

Smart Lockers in Spain are a need and a huge opportunity to create a network business model. The increase of the Spanish eCommerce market fuels this need and currently the quality and the capacity of these logistics operations are not assured.

This is why Smart Lockers in Spain are an urgent need:

  • More people will be able to participate in Spanish eCommerce;
  • Logistics will become more efficient and cheaper in urban areas;
  • Parcel porch theft will heavily decrease;
  • Less CO2 emissions as a result of less travel by delivery trucks;
  • Less city traffic as a result of fewer travels by delivery trucks;

If you would like to implement Smart Lockers in Spain, or simply know more about this solution, feel free to reach out below.

My name is Bruno Galaio, I’m a Business Developer for If you want to discuss this smart lockers use cases or propose another one, I’m delighted to hear.

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