7 reasons why your business should invest in Smart Lockers

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Bruno Galaio
Bruno Galaio
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You might think that a Smart Locker is just another gizmo, just like those that we buy from Amazon or Alibaba that we do not need. 

But, if you think about it, and if you are a manager, there is a hidden underlay that makes the usage of Smart Lockers pretty much rational. Should you invest in Smart Lockers? We believe so.

And it’s no wonder to see that companies like Amazon, DHL, Walmart and many others also invest in Smart Lockers to optimize their operations.

There are many reasons why you should invest in Smart Lockers for your business.

Our smart lockers in France, for our client Fresh for Good

Below are 7 reasons why we believe your business should invest in Smart Lockers:

1. Reduced Staff costs

If you have a locker for your Click & Collect operation, you won’t need to have people physically at a counter due to the fact that loading up the locker with what was ordered is practically the only thing you need to do.

2. Always available

A chronic problem in small and medium-sized retail shops is the schedule. People work and the open hours are generally inadequate with the common people’s work hours. A locker doesn’t need to sleep, so it can keep items to be picked up for days! 

3. Ain’t nobody got time to wait

Don’t know about you, but I really don’t like to be waiting in line to buy or pick up something. We need to wait because shops don’t have lockers. If they did, all you need to do is open up the locker and take your stuff, in a matter of seconds. That’s why the user experience was optimized to the limit at UI: users take up no more than 10 seconds to pick up their stuff and leave.

4. More Sales

I think we’ve all been there. At the gas station or at the supermarket cashier, for whatever reason, we tend to pick up unnecessary chocolate or a pack of bubble gum (or whatever you desire at the time). Our clients tell us that this happens all the time with lockers; people go to pick their stuff and end up buying more products than they intended to due to their time that has already been optimized by picking up what they needed without wasting much of their time.

invest in smart lockers
Optimizing your customer’s journey is a great step to generate more sales.
(photo by Sam Lion from Pexels)
5. Easy to manage, easy to read

Nowadays, managers are fairly obsessed with data, KPI’s and several other types of metrics. Smart Lockers allow you to easily read the data provided by your lockers.

For instance: how many doors are used per day, the average value generated by a locker and several other data that can be easily gathered inside the OS.

6. Flexibility

In the case that your business wants to change its core idea, or that you might want to restyle your shop, what then? Well, has you covered on that front. Our lockers are not only super-smart but they are also modular, which basically means that you can add or remove columns according to your needs in less than 10 minutes.

7. Don’t Miss Out

If you think that Smart Lockers are not for you, well, we think you will be missing out. To a matter of fact, you actually already are. Smart Lockers are the new megatrend in retail and are being adopted massively by big companies all over the world, in different segments, from pharmacies to all kinds of retail. Even car dealerships are now into implementing Smart Lockers to their business model.

These are only seven reasons your business should invest in smart lockers and participate in one of the biggest transformations in the way stores interact with their customers. 

Having said this, should you invest in smart lockers? Yes! You should definitely invest in smart lockers.

Like any other transformation, you might be skeptical at first but we are here to work together on how a Smart Locker can fit your business and how you should invest in smart lockers.

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