3 Key Takeaways from the Biggest Parcel and Post Event in the World

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Barbara Alvarado
Barbara Alvarado
Post+Parcel Expo, 2021 - Vienna, Austria

Our team of #bloqstars has developed the 3 key takeaways from the biggest Parcel and Post Event in the World we have just attended.

Our team took off from Lisbon this week to attend the biggest parcel and post event in the World.Parcel and Post Expo 2021 took place in Vienna (Austria) and the event, which is its firstin-person event since 2019 due to the pandemic.

It’s safe to say that the event (which end’s today) was amazing and extremely productive!

There were some notable changes in which vendors were attending including and the products and services that were on display.

The standout was the focus on electrical and carbon neutral delivery vehicles as well as software products enabling service providers to track their carbon emissions!

The conference room also hosted a wide variety of industry experts including Jose Anson CEO and Founder of UPIDO Switzerland who spoke passionately about the untapped wealth of data logistics and postal service providers have available to them.

3 Key Takeaways from the Biggest Parcel and Post Event in the World -
Our COO & Co-founder of, João Lopes, was accompanied by Miha Jagodic, CEO & Co-founder, and 2 #bloqstars (Bruno & myself) from our Business Development department

After a great three days in this elastin global Parcel and Post event, we gather the main 3 key takeaways that are likely to set the tone of future developments in the coming years : 

  1. The deployment of Smart lockers is set to grow dramatically. 

What was made very clear by both exhibiting companies and speakers at the event was that the deployment of Smart Lockers is set to grow significantly in the coming years. Postal service providers made their intentions clear that this is a key area of interest to develop and deploy.

Pain points they are looking to resolve include rising costs caused by a sudden growth of e-commerce as a knock-on effect from C19. Secondly the reduction in postal letter use by end-users. As there is a fixed network cost the reduction in daily letter delivery only affects the bottom line and the use of letters is only going to decrease.

Finally, environmental pressures exacerbate the issues of individual private delivery which is well known to be highly inefficient, costly, and environmentally damaging. Smart Lockers greatly reduce or remove these pain points only reducing the timeline that postal service providers will look to develop and deploy! 

  1. Supporting Technology is key.

Although the hardware element of the smart locker solution is important and plays a big role in the implementation into consumers’ habits, the digital experience for both network providers and consumers is vital. Both Public and Private Network hosts expressed the need for improved network software to both manage and service networks while ensuring the ability to engage and encourage continued use by end consumers.

Furthermore, Network hosts are continuously looking for ways to reduce internal costs so partnering and working with 3rd party technology vendors will be vital for them to develop these technologies and deploy them without increasing internal costs.

Essential elements that network hosts are looking for include: live network management including maintenance alerts and usage monitoring, smooth integration into current processes, simplicity of use for employees in the field, and engagement tools to encourage continued use by final users.

3 Key Takeaways from the Biggest Parcel and Post Event in the World -
Our CTO & Co-founder, Ricardo Carvalho, doing some maintenance on a Smart Locker
  1. In the US private companies and postal service providers will be playing catch up after seeing success in both Asia and Central Europe.

After the successful implementation and growth of lockers in both Asia specifically China and also in Europe including the Inpost Locker network, American firms are now looking to catch up and take advantage of the new process.

American retailers such as Target are already looking for new ways to provide more convenient services for their customers to encourage customer loyalty. The US and Western Europe alike presently have very few live networks and regardless of the future implementation and growth of these networks what is certain at present time is small-scale testing and market pilots which will be hosted both privately and publicly.

This increases the emphasis on vendors to provide and deploy comprehensive systems that will encourage the likelihood of growth seen in both Asia and Central Europe. 

Let’s discuss more on how Smart Locker Technology can help your business be more efficient and make your customers happier, or reach out to one of our developers to schedule a meeting.