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Retailers, e-commerce platforms, logistics companies, workspaces, and many other businesses use Bloq.it Smart Lockers to improve their operations and reduce operational costs.

Smart Lockers made simple.

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Increase user satisfaction.
Avoid waiting lines and long pick-up processes.

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Customers prefer Smart Lockers to typical Click & Collect.

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Simple and intuitive.
Reduce item collection down from multiple minutes.

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Less hours wasted by staff managing this process.

meet Bloq.it OS

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Ready to deploy.

State of the art, designed by our team and ready to operate.

  • Highly customizable
  • Modular architecture
  • Outdoor and Indoor versions
  • Multiple materials – wood, steel
  • Tested in the toughest conditions
  • Installed in less than 30 minutes

Make it simple.

Designed with the final user in mind, so he doesn’t need to boogle his mind.

  • User friendly and intuitive
  • Customizable for brands and third parties
  • Multi-language support
  • Retrieve items with 2 clicks
  • Less than 10 seconds to collect
Locker UI

You're in control.

Our back-office gives you full control over the service from anywhere!

  • Real time notifications and data
  • Instant remote control over lockers
  • Change locker settings and use-cases
  • Collect detailed data & performance KPI’s
  • Multiple user accesses for collaborators
Backoffice bloq.it

Make it yours.

Use our extensive and fully documented REST API to integrate our solution on your sistems.

  • Adapt the service to your existing workflows
  • Gain full power over service interfaces
  • Build new services on pre-existing infrastructure
  • Complete adaptability
API bloq.it

The key to your lockers.

Use the Bloq.it app or white-label it to your needs.

  • Find lockers around you
  • Payment & billing systems
  • Easily send items to others
  • White-labelling avaliable
APP bloq.it

State-of-the-art eletronics.

Designed from scratch by our talented team, our eletronics are the most secure and cost-effective option in the market.

  • Multiple internet connectivity options (SIM, LAN, Wi-Fi)
  • Advanced object detection technology
  • Industrial grade & tested in the toughest conditions
  • Low maintenance, and remote troubleshoot
  • Adaptable to third party lockers
IOT bloq.it

The Bloq.it OS
allows you to

trade - Bloq.it OS


receive - Bloq.it OS


store - Bloq.it OS



One system, endless possibilities.

Our system has multiple features, that can be toggled on or off.

Each of the features allows for a vast potential of applications across multiple industries.


Allow any party to trade items with other parties, without meeting in person.
A great way to automate services that require physical presence to drop or recieve objets. (eg. Laundries).


Collect items autonomously, using a randomly generated numeric or QR code. E-commerce made sustainable, less costly, and further avaliable.


Storing items the a smart way:
Securely, with detailed activity logs and extensive permission sets.


your goods, safe.

The Bloq.it OS is the most secure system in the market.

  • Secure TLS communication protocol
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Detailed log & activity collection
  • Multiple step communication
  • Role-based permission architecture
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Alarm system, video surveillance and security sensors
security bloq.it


Learn more about the industry. Content tailored by our expert team.

Parcel Lockers are smart lockers that are used to deliver parcels purchased online.

They can be found in residential settings, densely crowded areas, transportation centers, gas chains, supermarkets among others.

They offer a great opportunity to make E-commerce more sustainable and affordable, and allow people to easily recieve parcels.

Click and collect (also known as BOPIS) is a common practice for most retailers nowadays – and a winning one.

The concept is quite simple, customers will buy their items online, but instead of having them shipped to their house, and paying delivery fees, they can choose to pick the item in the store instead.

Smart Lockers allow you to automate Click & Collect, saving up to 90% of its operational cost.

Smart Lockers are used across multiple industries, and with different use-cases and goals.

From Parcel Lockers, Click & Collect Lockers to Storage Lockers it can get quite confusing.
You can learn about the different types and use-cases that Smart Lockers in this short article.

Having the right software solution on your lockers is the key to launch a successful smart locker project.

The software must be adaptable, customizable, flexible, scalable, and intuitive.
We are a software-first solution, you can find more about the need for a strong software solution below!


Yes. We have outdoor ready models. All of our lockers have been tested intensively and they’re able to withstand humidity, rain, temperature changes, and are equiped with anti-vandalic equipment.

Yes, you can customize your unit with your colors and branding.
Even the locker touch screen can be customized to have your brand.

Using our API, you can integrate the system with any interface you wish to, including your own app or web-app.

If you’re trying to launch your own Smart Locker service, we’ve got you covered.

Yes, we might be able to, depending on the Smart Locker technichal specification, we might be able to install our technology and make it run our software.
Reach out and one of our experts will evaluate it.

You can use our software and IoT solution in third party lockers.
If you wish to manufacture lockers locally, we will assist you in finding the right local partners and provide you with technichal documentation and support.


Stay on top of Bloq.it new products and tech development.

We’ve just released the initial part of our new website!

New things:
– Updated the design to better match our branding.
– Added key pages such as careers and reach out.
– Complex blog post-filtering by language, tag, and industry.

Soon we will also release industry-specific pages and add new features.

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So, what do we do?

Solve your last-mile.

Still running Click & Collect manually?

Still using keys?

Have a great idea?​

E-commerce, Post & Logistics
👈 Choose your industry
The future of Retail
Offices, Factories and workspaces
We would love to hear it!​
  • Reduce last-mile costs
  • Sustainable deliveries
  • Build a network of out-of-home pick-up points
  • Make deliveries available to everyone

We have helped multiple Post, Logistic and E-commerce platforms launch their own parcel delivery networks.

Our Smart Lockers have been applied in multiple industries and verticals.

  • Automate your Click & Collect
  • Reduce Click & Collect costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase cross-selling revenue

We have helped some of the world’s largest retailers optimize their omnichannel strategy, by automating their Buy Online Pick-up in Store operations.

  • Manage incoming staff parcels
  • Create hybrid workspaces
  • Upgrade storage systems
  • Collect usage data

Have a special need in your workspace?
We’ve helped companies from all industries adapt to new needs and solve long lasting problems.

  • Item exchange
  • Automate services
  • Disrupt legacy operations

We love to create new use cases using our Lockers and enter new industries.

Insights from our team

Learn more about the Industry

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