6 reasons cloud computing has completely revolutionized the Smart Locker Industry

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Barbara Alvarado
Barbara Alvarado
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Cloud Computing has been one of the most talked-about technologies for the last decade. Being the backbone to many tech-entrepreneurs success in rapidly scaling and deploying.

Since its conception in 2006 Cloud hosting, computing, and services whether you know it or not have become part of everyday life, from Big Data to Secure Storage – it’s clear the cloud is here to stay. 

However, it seems, Smart Locker providers are only starting to realize the benefits and potential of cloud computing. 

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Below are just 6 of the reasons cloud computing has completely revolutionized the Smart Locker Industry

1 – Reliability 

The performance of your Smart Locker network is directly correlated to the server uptime. The cloud system of interconnected servers increases the reliability of the network as there is no single point of failure. If a server were to fail or reject your request another server in the cluster would automatically take over, keeping everything running smoothly.

However, with traditional single-server hosting, any issues could result in extended downtime, affecting the network’s service. 

2 – Scalability 

A core attribute of cloud computing is the ability to scale up or scale down as and when resources are needed or no longer necessary.

Furthermore, scaling up can be done quickly and easily with little to no disruption or downtime to the rest of the network. In turn, this allows live networks to change and pivot to meet rapidly changing market demands. 

3 – Global Presence 

One of the biggest pain points with a traditional hosting is location restrictions. As hosting servers are tied to a specific location, you need to select a server that is relatively close to you to avoid issues with network loading speeds.

However, cloud hosting servers are accessible globally via a Laptop or mobile device connected to the internet. 

4 – Recovery  

Cloud-based clusters of servers allow data to be automatically backed up and securely stored. This enables reliable and fast disaster recovery. 

However, disaster recovery is not feasible in a traditional single-server setup, as there is only one server hosting your data and applications. 

5 – Sustainability

Cloud hosting allows organizations to reduce their carbon footprint by removing the need to maintain in-house servers, which require a constant power supply. By migrating to the cloud and using large independent server sites the use of electricity is more efficient.

A study conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory predicts that by using independent Cloud server sites we can save enough electricity each year to power 3.5million homes for 12 months. 

6 – Security

In the traditional hosting model, resources and CPU capacity on a single server are shared among multiple websites. Additionally, you need a private dedicated server to secure sensitive information.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, comes with a pre-established infrastructure with multiple security; data, network, application, and physical security. It’s clear to see the advantages of Cloud computing and it explains why so many companies and industries are choosing to leverage the technology!

It is also why uses the cloud to host its open API ensuring all our clients regardless of location or network specification receive the best possible service, which directly translates to the end user’s experience and satisfaction!

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