Pharmacy Smart Lockers: A Better Click and collect for Pharmacies

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Joao Lopes
Joao Lopes

You might be wondering: What are Pharmacy Smart Lockers?

Are we really able to Click and Collect prescription medicine?

Well, before we answer these questions, let’s understand for a moment the moment we are living and how some industries are reacting and adapting to several new market needs.

It’s no surprise that the e-commerce industry saw massive growth amid the pandemic. As consumers turned to online shopping to avoid crowds, we can’t ignore another segment of retail that saw significant growth last year: click-and-collect.

This shopping method allows consumers to “click” to complete their transaction online, and then “collect” their items at the store, rather than have them delivered.  

US click-and-collect sales more than doubled in 2020 and will sustain double-digit growth rates through 2024, according to Insider Intelligence estimates. Click-and-collect is a key offering that provided peace of mind to shoppers trying to stay safe amid social distancing regulations, and will likely remain popular as digital buyers opt for speed and convenience.

Smart Lockers are, essentially, a new tool for Retailers to automate this process, making it more efficient, faster, and simpler for the final consumer.

Pharmacy Smart Lockers are Smart Lockers, specifically built to optimize the Click & Collect operations in Pharmacies.

Pharmacy Smart Lockers can help pharmacies
Pharmacies are typically located in high-traffic areas.

What is BOPIS? 

Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), another term for click-and-collect is the process of ordering an item online and picking it up later in person. BOPIS combines the convenience of online shopping with the efficiency of same-day delivery. 

Insider Intelligence defines click-and-collect sales as products or services ordered using the internet (regardless of payment method) for pickup in a store or a locker in a retail or pickup hub location.

Click-and-collect combined with onsite smart lockers allows the end-user to greatly reduce the time they spend waiting into, reduces in-store operation costs for the retailer, increases the footfall in-store, and improves the consumer’s buying experience.

While BOPIS offerings are convenient for consumers, why is click-and-collect beneficial for retailers? Essentially, retailers offering BOPIS services are well-positioned to win over consumers, as click-and-collect will maintain the popularity it gained amid the pandemic. Insider Intelligence estimates that US shoppers spent $72.46 billion via click-and-collect in 2020, accounting for 9.1% of all e-commerce sales. This year, those figures will increase to $83.47 billion and 9.9%.

So let’s come back to our initial thought: what are Pharmacy Smart Lockers?

Pharmacy Smart lockers are secure, electronic lockers that are connected to the internet.

The goal is simple: patients can come to collect their prescriptions from the pharmacy smart lockers when they become available.

This means that healthcare resources can be focused elsewhere, and less time is wasted dispensing medication.

It also means that customers don’t need to wait in endless lines during rush hours to collect their medicine.

Pharmacy Smart Locker in Braga
Pharmacy Smart Lockers implemented in Portuguese pharmacy

Where can I find a Pharmacy Smart Lockers?

As retailers embrace this new format of Smart Locker locations will grow rapidly. In the UK alone there are over 66,000 private and public pharmacies with over 200 new locations in 2021 which are expected to rise.

This would allow patients to select a locker location that was convenient to them (on the commute to work, outside the local supermarket, or inside the closest store to them) and to avoid waiting in lines to purchase their medication.

We believe solutions like this one will grow in popularity, and soon will be widely available in most pharmacies.

A sucessful Pharmacy Smart Lockers implementation

But deciding on placing Pharmacy Smart Lockers Is just the first step.

A Pharmacy Smart Locker by itself is often not enough, Pharmacy managers need to take into account crucial decisions such as:

  • What provider to go for
  • How do the Pharmacy Smart Lockers work
  • What’s the User Experience using this new tool like
  • How to effictively offer this service to the final customer, ensuring adoption
  • How to implement sucessful workflows for the staff members
  • Where to place these Smart Lockers

And these are just some of the decisions that can differentiate a successful implementation of Pharmacy Smart Lockers from an unsuccessful one.

At, we provide a specialized solution of Pharmacy Smart Lockers, developed alongside industry experts, and created with the pharmacist and their customer in mind.

In fact, over 97% of the people who have used our Smart Lockers for Click & Collect, stated they preferred this method to typical Click and Collect systems, and it’s no wonder since on average, our users take less than 10 seconds to retrieve their items;

Our team of industry experts will also provide in-depth know-how and assistance on all the key parts of implementing this service.

To sum it up

As click and collect increasingly becomes the last mile delivery option of choice it only makes sense for the pharmaceutical collection process to follow suit!

Below are the key takeaways to improve the patient’s collection process through the use of Pharmacy Smart Lockers.

Reasons patients prefer collecting in person from Pharmacy Smart Lockers compared to counter collection: 

  • Reduce in store collection time.
  • Added security of information and medication.
  • Fits within their current habits. 
  • Increase safety with contactless collection.
  • Bigger time window to collect their medication.

If you would like to implement Pharmacy Smart Lockers or simply know more about this solution, feel free to reach out below.

If you want to find out more about our solutions and some of the problems our team of experts is solving for our clients on a daily basis drop me an email at or connect with me on Linkedin

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