Smart Lockers for Warehouses – Interesting Benefits for 2022

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Henrich Tauber
Henrich Tauber

Smart Lockers for warehouses equips your operations to run as efficiently as possible. They have multiple benefits and can be used for more than just storing bags and coats! 

Warehousing is at the heart of many company’s operations and the linchpin in the success or failure of the supply chain. Each element of the warehouse operation needs to be optimized to maximize efficiency. 

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Workers in an undisclosed warehouse (photo by Alexander Isreb from Pexels)

Below are some of the key benefits smart lockers can bring to your operations and enable your supply chain to run more efficiently : 

Smart Lockers for Warehouses increase efficiency! 

Warehouses are the busiest hubs in companies with people, machinery, and tooling in constant motion. Speed and time are everything and any way to reduce a worker’s time on a task will only improve the overall efficiency of the operations. 

  • By installing Smart Lockers for warehouses you take away manual tasks of dealing with lost keys or logging locker usage; analytics and insights are tracked automatically while digital security enhances the locker functionality. 
  • By installing Smart Lockers for warehouses you automate locker usage analytics, track which individual is using which locker at what time, and unlock/lock individual locker doors remotely with the click of a button. 

You can also assign individual lockers to each employee and use existing identification cards to unlock and lock their lockers.

Removing the risk of lost keys and reducing the downtime of each worker when you have to unlock the locker manually.

Article 31 Photo by Tiger Lily from Pexels
Warehousing with Smart Lockers has the potential to bring a lot of benefits for owners and employees (Photo by Tiger Lily from Pexels)

Smart lockers for Warehouses increase security and reduce cost through lost assets. 

One of the most common issues warehouse managers face is the ability to assign, track and secure digital assets at scale. With multiple moving parts in each warehouse, being able to identify and locate the tools for the job is essential.

As warehouse operations become more efficient through the use of digital assets such as handheld scanners and readers it is vital that these assets are tracked both for security as well as inventory assignment. 

By installing Smart Lockers specifically for digital assets you cover all bases. Each device can be stored and charged in an individual locker.

Allowing for each employee to collect and automatically assign the handheld device to themselves at the start of their shift and then log back in, charge and secure at the end of each shift.

Automating this previously manual process you can reduce the time at the start of each shift from minutes to seconds. 

With many digital devices each costing thousands of dollars securing these and ensuring they have been stored correctly is a no brainer.

Smart Lockers can also identify what items have been placed inside the lockers to ensure the devices have been stored and charged at the end of each shift, reducing the cost of lost assets.

Our Smart Lockers are adaptable to Warehouses
Our Smart Lockers come equipped with state-of-the-art QR Code readers

Using Smart Lockers for warehouses for employee shift time stamping

One of the big benefits of using Smart Lockers for employees to store and secure their personal belongings is being able to use this to track their hours when they check-in and out for each shift.

Smart Lockers come as standard with a whole suite of tools to track and analyze user inputs. 

Furthermore, Smart Lockers can be connected with the time logging system which enables managers to see how much time is spent on the warehouse floor, ensure security of the employee’s belongings and capture the amount of down time each shift. 

The benefits of Smart Lockers are also felt by the employees, as they no longer have to think about manually scanning an ID card or checking in with the shift manager as all of this is collected automatically and reported directly into the locker management dashboard which can be accessed by any device with an internet connection. 

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What’s the best way to get smart lockers for a warehouse?

The best way to get smart lockers for your warehouse is through!

Our range of smart lockers can meet your every need and includes warehouse lockers, office lockers, staff lockers, PUDU lockers, and temperature controlled lockers. 

We specialize in developing and integrating locker management software to ensure the hardware and software work in unison to enable intelligent fleets of lockers at scale.

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