University Smart Lockers: Guaranteed Convenience for Students

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Barbara Alvarado
Barbara Alvarado
University Smart Lockers

University Smart Lockers are in high demand across campuses all around the world.

This growing demand is strongly linked to the hectic lifestyle and life pace in which students live nowadays. Just like workers, students do not have time to wait for deliveries, whether we are talking about parcels, documentation, or the exchange of any items from the campus bookstore or student lab.

Most of those attending universities and colleges in this era are part of generation Z and millennials.

Generation Z alone is claimed to have a higher buying power that accounts for around $143 billion and makes up about 40% of all consumers.

High buying power, together with the new e-commerce growth trend and the adopted post-pandemic social distance habit, is making companies adapt their operations to ensure customers’ loyalty and profitability.

After analyzing college and university students’ consumption behavior, institutions spotted the need to offer better high package volume management. Hence, parcel delivery might be the most frequent use case students give to University Smart Lockers.

According to sources, in 2020, around 8.6 billion were spent only on online purchases, and as expected, with online retail shipping volume increasing, so will all the logistics operations involved.

This is why university smart lockers come into place to modernize and automate delivery processes.

Before focusing on university smart lockers use cases, let’s briefly introduce what Smart lockers are – for those unfamiliar with this technology.

Screenshot 2022 06 09 at 18.07.05
Online Spend by year in the USA infographic (courtesy of Forbes/Adobe Analytics)

What are Smart Lockers?

Smart lockers might seem from the outside like any other conventional locker. The difference remains in the smart computerized technology integrated into them.

Smart lockers work as a modern storage and collection solution allowing automated package delivery and exchange thanks to their integrated computer and API technology.

How can this API technology benefit and in some way better students’ lives?

Well, by simply minimizing failed delivery attempts, allowing safe storage, eliminating theft risks, and enabling the contactless exchange of items. It is fair to state that this innovation benefits students by providing some convenience in their everyday lives.

University Smart Lockers attributes that boost Convenience

Convenience is possible thanks to the integration of tech-related attributes. Let’s start by mentioning smart locker tracking systems.

Smart lockers tracking systems allow live notifications keeping all parties involved (students, courier companies, online retailers, etc.) updated at all times.

1 – Live tracking and constant communication is an essential and heavily demanded aspect by generation Z and young millennials nowadays; both generations are known for being constantly connected and driven by the need to be informed 24/7.

The second convenient attribute is faster deliveries. Smart lockers enable bulk delivery in predetermined spots/lockers’ hubs.

2 – Bulk deliveries translate into much quicker deliveries since the courier man does to have to go around door to door to drop a single package. This is particularly suitable for large campuses. Bulk deliveries also eliminate the risk of failed attempt deliveries. No more time wasted waiting for packages that hardly ever comply with expected delivery time windows.

3 – Ten-second retrieval/drop-off process: that’s all a student or university staff member would need to retrieve or drop off a parcel or document.

University smart lockers - students in campus
Student life can most times be very hectic, moving back and forth from campus (photo by Armin Rimoldi/Pexels)

University smart lockers count on various digitized opening methods, all proven to operate in less than 10 seconds. The most used authentication and opening methods we can find in university smart lockers are QR codes, numeric codes, mobile apps, and tracking codes.

Benefits of Incorporating University Smart Lockers into Campuses

Offering a new delivery point to students rather than the conventional mail room enhances students’ experience and frees the campus staff to focus on different and perhaps more important tasks.

Analytics and data collections. With all processes backed up and computerized by the tracking software, operations can be optimized to reduce costs.

Incorporating electronic lockers into campuses helps institutions automate manual tracking tasks that are usually done the traditional way: pen and paper.

Eliminate theft risk. Whether intentional or a “mistake robbery” (e.g. due to the wrong recipient’s input of the address), self-service lockers provide a safer chain of custody where only the final recipient is authorized to access to retrieve the item.

university smart locker - student retrieving package
Visual representation on how students on campus could easily retrieve their parcels (photo by Shutterstock)

How can Smart Lockers’ technology help University Campuses?

At we master the development of tailor-made software technology adapted to all types of educational institutions.

In the case of university smart lockers, the software is fully integrated into the university and campus platform. With it, the librarian, lab staff, student service administrators, external parties & students can have seamless communication at all times thanks to our OS and API technology.

With many different modular locker configurations and sizes available, our experts are here to guide you and discuss all available options. Our solutions are tailor-made for your business needs.

Reach out now to our experts and get a free consultation.

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